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From: rudnick (spark@azdigital.c...)
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Subject: Re: [drgw] 1875 Annual Report

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he lists as a source an 1875 Annual Report for the D&RG Rwy.
> Does anyone know where this report could be located? I actually need
> any annual reports that exist for the years 1874 to 1879, but thought
> it was generally understood that these just don't exist. So I was
> very surprised by the reference.

As you I am surprised. As a possible source I can think of two possible
sources other than the Colorado Historical Society. Colorado Corporation
Commission. Also there is an outside chance the county court records in
Colorado Springs. In the back of my mind, I recall seeing mentioned
somewhere D&RG incorporation papers, and other official filings having
been made in El Paso county. Both are shots in the dark.

Ron Rudnick

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