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From: rudnick (spark@azdigital.c...)
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Subject: Re: [drgw] Names of the 1880-1882 Jackson & Sharp Cars

> One hot topic that Herb and I have been exchanging correspondence on
> is that there may never have been any narrow gauge Barney & Smith
> cars at all. My list is still going to show coaches 20-23 (pre-1885
> numbers, with 20-22 converted to combines 215 to 217 around 1885, and
> 23 renumbered 258)as Barney & Smith products, but Herb's position is
> that there is no evidence to show that they ever built narrow gauge
> cars for the D&RG. This runs contrary to accounts by Bob Sloan, Mal
> Ferrell in Silver San Juan, and a book on the Barney & Smith cars
> written by a fellow in Ohio. This book lists a roster in the back
> which lists D&RG cars built by Barney & Smith, but the roster is
> fundamentally flawed. I think Herb may be right.

Definitely, also note that the South Park cars are listed twice.
They only had 3 Barney & Smith cars.
I also have maybe some further information on car "Malinche" page
Pueblo Daily Chiften, March 25, 1881: Elegant official car "Malinche"
has been shipped to Mexico for the Mexican National Railway

Ron Rudnick

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