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Subject: Re: [drgw] Morse Brothers Machinery & Supply

low the
> carbody? If below this would match C&S cars built for the DSP&P in the
> 1880s as the draft gear passed through the end sills on all of the Grande's
> boxcars, except for one early group of cars, but they too were former DSP&P.
Help. Have heard s
> Ken, you mentioned that the car was 28 feet long. Is this an actual
> measurement or an estimation? If the car is 28ft then again it could be a
> former C&S car (nee DSP&P)
Help. I have been trying to chase down South Park 28 foot box cars for
a long time. More than once I have seen it mentioned that the South Park
had these 28 foot cars, but can never find the source. Any idea as to the
The UPD&G had 5 cars built around the turn of the century #6500-
6504 which the O.R.E.G. first reports as having a length of 28', but
a couple of years later as C&S #7722-7726, their reported length as 30'.
I suspect but can not prove that they were lumped in with the rest of the
30 foot cars.
As far as I know the South Park had 23', 26', 27' 30' and 31' box cars.
They might have leased some of the Santa Fe 28 foot cars, but these were
probably returned after about 6 months. These are the same as the D&RG
28-footers. I have built 3 models of these cars, one is lettered A.T.& S. F
and the other D&RG. Would love to letter the third one D.S.P. & P.
The width of 8 feet seems to be a little large for a car built in 1879.
Ron Rudnick

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